Turn the taps on…

Having spent six weeks out of training with a herniated disc (the less said about that the better) I finally got back to some form of training last week. Naturally I’ve not gone in all guns blazing and have taken things slowly. After a week of holding back and wanting to let rip I decided to give it some beans on the turbo tonight. I won’t write much about it, instead I’ll let the stats do the talking but first some context…

The average man pumps 5 litres of blood per minute at rest. The same untrained man, at maximum heart rate, pumps 15 litres of blood per minute. In comparison, tonight’s session:

  • Length of session: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Calories burnt: 1442
  • Average heart rate: 87% of maximum
  • Peak heart rate: 191bpm
  • 30 minutes spent at over 180bpm
  • 15 minutes spent at 190bpm
    • During this 15 minutes my body was pumping close to 35 litres of blood per minute. This is the same as a bath tap turned full on.

Time to turn the taps on…

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