2016 Reflections (1 of 4): Return to Europe

So it has been a while since I’ve posted. Thankfully that hasn’t been because I have nothing to report on, in fact it has been much the opposite…

Since returning from my training in New Zealand at the end of January 2016 I have steadily worked my way through this year’s race schedule alongside returning to work in order to fund my dreams and ambitions. Now the year is coming to an end I thought I would look back on what has been and let you know what the next chapter holds in store.

Upon returning my first focus was dealing with a disc problem in my back. I managed training as best I could, suffering through some races and for the first time ever had the dreaded DNF (did not finish) all due to my back. No surprise then that I wasn’t feeling overly confident as I headed to the European Championships in Germany in April.

Quietly I knew I was in good form but I was frustrated that my back was preventing me from getting the best out of myself especially as I felt the race conditions would suit me.

Race day arrived and I had one of those rare races where all the choices I made were the right ones. I held my pace at the right times and attacked at the perfect opportunities. Always coming from behind I don’t think I actually took the lead until the final run. There’s no doubt the transition from the bike to run was the most painful I have ever had but thanks to some thoughtfully placed support on the sidelines it wasn’t going to affect me…


… and from a dodgy back came a gold medal and the title of European Champion… I’ve had worse beginnings to a year.

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