2016 Reflections (Part 4 of 4): All Roads Lead to Kona

One of the inspirations which led me to triathlon was the legendary stories from the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The ambition for me is, and always has been, to compete in an Ironman and ultimately to join those world-class athletes on the start line in Kona.

My training and the competitions I have competed in up until now have been part of a wonderful journey which have taken me all over the world. I’ve learnt so much from these experiences and developed massively as an athlete. However, none of it has been specifically tailored to get me to Ironman; up until now. I knew I’d eventually turn to long-distance triathlon, and with a European Duathlon title and a decent result in my first triathlon since 2014, I realised the time was now.img-20161003-wa0027-2

Jumping from sprint distance to Ironman distance has been no mean feat and to start adapting my body to the change I signed up to the Bournemouth marathon that was held the first weekend in October. The training was tough and the unseasonably warm weather on the day made it a difficult 42 km, but it was all worth it when I came 28th with a time of 2:58:05. I had proved to myself that my body and mind were up to the challenge and my resolve to compete in Ironman strengthened.

Every part of my life is now geared towards giving me the best chance of competing in Kona. So far this season, I’ve competed in and won my first standard distance duathlon in preparation and have several more races lined up before my first full Ironman race in Copenhagen in August.

This time, my brother, Matt, is joining me on the journey and has signed up for
the Ironman as well. Two brothers competing in triathlon, why does that sound familiar…? It must be an episode from the Chuckle Brothers.

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